Volunteering at LLELA

LLELA needs volunteer assistance in almost all areas of operations on an ongoing basis. Contact Lisa Cole at lcole@cityoflewisville.com or 972-219-3550. 

Habitat Restoration

Every Wednesday, 8:30 am-12 pm, also monthly Saturday opportunities Help in LLELA’s native plant nursery.

· Assist in workdays to plant prairie grasses, seed wildflowers, or plant wetlands plants.

· Process seeds to prepare them for planting (can be an indoor, seated job).

· Control invasive exotic plant species.

Trail Building and Maintenance

Every Wednesday, 8:30 am-12 pm, also monthly Saturday opportunities

· Help cut new trails.

· Maintain existing trails, including the kayak/canoe trail. 


Certain volunteer tasks require additional training which is offered only a few times each year. Please ask to be added to the contact list for training if you are interested in one of these specialized opportunities, below. We will sign you up for the next available training. 

River Care Team

Saturdays and Sundays after training

Contact: Lisa Cole, lcole@cityoflewisville.com

· Communicate with anglers and other visitors along the Elm Fork at LLELA, discussing river stewardship and proper disposal of trash.

· Ongoing commitment.

Nest Box Management

Monday-Sunday mornings after training

Contact: Dr. Ken Steigman, steigman@unt.edu

· Assist in maintaining bluebird boxes, warbler boxes, wood duck boxes, and other nesting boxes.

· Ongoing commitment.

1870s Homestead

Saturdays (some weekdays), 9 am-3 pm

Contact: Lisa Cole, lcole@cityoflewisville.com

· Give tours of LLELA’s log house and homestead area.

· Once a month open house on the weekend; regular school groups during the week.

· Musicians are needed to provide music appropriate to the 1870s.

· Training provided; there is also a training reference guide.

Birding Hikes

Monday-Saturday, times vary

Contact Lisa Cole, lcole@cityoflewisville.com

· Share your knowledge of birding with the general public.

· Lead hikes or assist in leading bird hikes for adults, children, youth groups.

Outdoor Education

Monday-Saturday, times vary

Contact Lisa Cole, lcole@cityoflewisville.com 

· Lead short nature hikes with students or assist staff with school group labs. 

· Assist with weekend family events such as Stars on the Prairie, Night Hikes, etc. 

· Can volunteer on a steady basis (weekly, bi-weekly, once a month, etc.). 

Bird Banding

Monday-Saturday, 6 am-12 pm 

Contact Dr. Ken Steigman, steigman@unt.edu 

· Assist in banding of birds for research purposes. 

· Ongoing commitment,  due to extensive training required.