How to use this Calendar

  • Click here to go to a full screen version of the calendar
  • Click on any event to see the details of that event. Many events require prior registration; please read details carefully.
    • Green events are Public
    • Purple events are Volunteer activities
    • Highlighted titles indicate all-day or multi-day events
  • Display Customization
    • Click the Week/Month/Agenda tabs to change the way the calendar is displayed
    • The small down-triangle next in the top right next to the Agenda tab will allow you to select which calendar to display
      (for example you can de-select Holidays in the United States if you don't care about holidays)
  • Use the following addresses to access either calendar from other applications.
    You can copy and paste either or both into any calendar product that supports the iCal format
    This includes Google Calendar and Outlook as well as most modern 3rd party calendars.
    • Public Event Calendar:
    • Volunteer Calendar: