Current Trail and Camping Conditions

LLELA is now open 7 days per week, from 7 a.m to 7 p.m.

THE CAMPGROUND IS CURRENTLY CLOSED until we repair damages from flooding caused by several large water releases from Lewisville Lake Dam during 2015-16. The flood waters have receded, and hope to get the campground up and running this winter. Our staff has many responsibilities, and we appreciate your patience.

The Group Campground is now available for use by groups of 25 or more people (youth groups and other organizations). This is by reservation only; contact 469-635-5481.

This info was updated 10/26/2016.

LLELA Trail Map (pdf)

Blackjack Trail map (pdf)

All trails are now open and dry. Two trails were significantly damaged during multiple flooding events which occured in 2015-16. 

  • The Redbud Trail--The trail route is clear but way-finding is very difficult in some spots. The vegetation was inundated for months and in areas where the ground is bare the trail route is difficult to locate. It is easy to get lost on this trail if you don't know it well. 
  • The Bittern Marsh Trail--There is still some work to be done, but the trail is passable through the whole route. 

If you spot conditions that need attention (downed tree across the trail, etc.) please notify our gatehouse staff. 

Kayaking/Canoeing Notes:

  • The Beaver Pond is very low and is no longer accessible by boat. There are also some downed trees blocking the route. We'll clear it as soon as possible, and the trail should be available again once the pond is refilled by rainfall. Call the LLELA gatehouse at 972-219-7980 for the latest info. Complete information and a map are here
  • The Elm Fork river access at LLELA is again available, but there are hazards downstream. Please use caution--after 2015-16 flooding there are two major strainers in place between the railroad bridge and the Business-121 Highway bridge. There is also a complete blockage of the channel just past the SH-121 bridge. We have posted a report directly from a kayaker who paddled from LLELA to Hebron Parkway recently. A Lewisville Parks crew will work to clear a path through these hazards as soon as possible. You can check the current water flow rate at the Corps of Engineers' web site.
  • More information about kayaking at LLELA is here.

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